From Film to Print: The Analog Journey at Wonder Photo Shop

The process – Film to Print

At Wonder Photo Shop, your analog journey starts with buying a film from us. Choosing the correct ISO is key to your photo quality, as is choosing from a variety of our 35mm film types. Don’t be afraid to ask our opinion – we have shot most film types across the world, so are more than happy to advise.

The next step is over to you – take that film and get out there and make some memories. I doesn’t matter if you have a simple “point and shoot” camera or and SLR – the joy should be the same.

Now it’s time to pop back in with your completed film. If you need help, we can show you how to remove the film from the camera safely – and then we get to work.

First step is to pass the film in your camera through our chemical baths. No stress though – it’s all contained in a sturdy FUJIFILM Film Processor that does all the work for us automatically, with no mess.

This produces a negative strip for us – which is basically a long reel of film with all your photos on it, ready for our FUJIFILM Scanner to take photos of. Our scanner has scanned thousands of photos – and your’s are next!

One of our Photo Lab Technicians monitors each frame on the negatives roll, ensuring that the lighting levels are correct and that the entirety of the image is scanned. The scanner then either sends the images directly to our Pro Photo Lab Printer to produce the photos, or can output the image files so we can email them to you.

The files are scanned at a very high level of detail, so can be blown up to much larger prints for display in frames etc. Exhibitions are not an uncommon destination for some of our key photographer’s work (typically they would choose a very fine grain film to ensure the end scanned image is pin-sharp).